Rossiya’s Flourish

Rossiya’s Flourish Rossiya’s Flourish Rossiya’s Flourish Rossiya’s Flourish Rossiya’s Flourish Rossiya’s Flourish


A frozen trajectory becoming an urban mnemonic device inspired the design of the new facade for the Pushkinsky cinema. A witness to history’s turbulence and cycles of change, the Pushkinsky (originally Rossiya) personify the very definition of metamorphosis and change. Having much in common with the movies she exhibits, she saw her young days in the limelight as well as a steady decline and fall from grace. Emerging again as the most important cinema in the glamorous new Moscow, it is her time again in the spotlight, only this time with a flourish.

The design attempts to capture the collective memory of the square and cinema and traces the trajectory of events as they unfolded. From conditional order to creative chaos, from propaganda and censorship under the communist regime to the hedonistic extravagance of the new Moscow, the trajectory becomes the generator of form, mutating from rigid geometrical edges to the playful and seductive lines of the hem of a pretty girls skirt.

The axis of the entrance is rotated 30 degrees and the ruffles, in the form of an enormous LED media facade caresses and envelopes the grand entrance. The rotational axis also means that the previously generic bridge that connects the cinema to the park becomes a processional entranceway for the people who come to see and to be seen. The sleek bridge along with the LED ruffles forms a majestic red carpet backdrop.

The facade along with the dynamically changing media, the redesigned bridge and the lobby, and the integrated restaurants radically alters the character of the Pushkinsky cinema and the square, and brings it hand in hand towards a new colorful and spectacular future.

Make no mistake, this is Rossiya’s flourish.

Credits: Hend Almatrouk, Gijo Paul George